“Sustainability” is used to mean different things on the blog. The meaning here relates to health, fitness and safety.

If the aim is to continue to participate in sporting activity even as we get older, it makes sense to keep fit and healthy, and to minimize the risk of injury.

In order to avoid unnecessary injuries, apart from trying to make our sessions reasonably fair and enjoyable, the rules we play to are aimed at reducing the risk of injury. The choice of equipment is also aimed at reducing the risk of injury.

If you are injured, seek appropriate treatment, and allow yourself sufficient time to recover.

If you haven’t played any sport for a while, especially if you had a long lay off due to injury, it is strongly suggested that you obtain clearance from a doctor or specialist before you resume playing.

If you pick up an injury during the game, it is up to you as an adult to decide if you can continue playing, but if there is a real risk of aggravating the injury, DON’T!

Reckless or intentional acts which cause injury to an opponent may give rise to civil or even criminal liability, so don’t get worked up over anything that happens or is said during a session or on the blog.

Ultimately, you are responsible for both your own well-being, and the well-being of those you play with.

Adequate rest and proper nutrition are important.    On the other hand, avoid eating just before playing. Do remember to warm up and warm down both before and after you play.

Click here to discuss health, fitness and safety issues.  If you found any treatment, therapist or specialist aided in your recovery from any particular injury, feel free to provide details.

Other miscellaneous health, fitness and safety information is set out below:

[Last revised on 2 May 2010]

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