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Facebook & Twitter

Fri 5 August 2011 Leave a comment

The FIOFAFI Facebook group was set up in December 2008.  Nothing has been posted on it since September 2009.  Since then, we’ve had the interruption of October/November 2009, the move to the GIFFA Message Board, and the re-branding of this blog as FIFFA.

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GIFFA’s 1st Anniversary

Sat 20 November 2010 2 comments

The GIFFA message board was launched on 17 November 2009, originally on Aimoo,before being moved to Proboards on 24 November 2009.   All a year ago now.

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Re-Branding, “Ferment: Indefatigable Fun For Adults”

Wed 9 June 2010 2 comments

The name of the blog was changed from “FIOFAFI” to “FIFA(OFI)” last month.

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Separating GIFFA From FIFA(OFI)

Sun 9 May 2010 9 comments

Although the blog started off as a platform for organising regular indoor football, the regular indoor football is now entirely on the GIFFA Message Board, from scheduling, to reports, to the monthly round ups.

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GIFFA System, Principles & Rules: 2 May 2010

Sun 2 May 2010 19 comments

The GIFFA System was summarized again last month.  The system was first summarized about a year ago (then in the name of “FIOFAFI“).

The core values or principles we play to were summarized even earlier, in March 2009.  Essentially, it is about participating and playing in the right spirit.

The rules we play to were also summarized about a year ago.  There have been some changes since then, and I said in January 2010 that I’d summarize the rules again.

I’ll summarize the system, principles and rules as comments below, so that they can all be found under one post.

I’ve also developed a standard template for each scheduling thread on the Schedule Board of the GIFFA Message Board.  The standard template will also be added as a comment below for ease of reference.

Revamp: FIFA(OFI)

Sat 1 May 2010 6 comments

FIOFAFI as a play on “FAFI” and the target age of our constituency has run its course.

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GIFFA Players & Schedule: Second Quarter 2010

Sun 25 April 2010 21 comments

Player Lists

The names of those who haven’t played since the start of the year have been dropped from the Participant List.  There are now 102 names on the Participant List.  71 names have been dropped.

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