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For the first time ever, I decided that a player would not play with us again.

I have blocked players for periods of time for serious or repeated breaches of the rules, but they have come back to play. Other players have on their own decided never to come back to play.

For the first time:

Jin’s account has been deleted. He is no longer welcome.

Sean saved the exchange on the WhatsApp group chat before the game on 7 January 2014, that resulted in the above action:


That wasn’t the end of it though. He continued:


I was already having serious doubts about his attitude. Earlier:


Like he said, he has the skills, and I would have been prepared to give him time to improve his fitness, but his performance in the game on 17 December 2013 was the laziest and most indifferent I’ve seen from any player since I started all of this in December 2007.

Even then, I was prepared to give him time to adjust to our games. The exchange on 7 January 2014 made the decision for me.

All in all, best we go our separate ways.

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  1. Antony Casey
    Fri 24 January 2014 at 4:31 pm

    This should go viral.

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