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Facebook & Twitter

The FIOFAFI Facebook group was set up in December 2008.  Nothing has been posted on it since September 2009.  Since then, we’ve had the interruption of October/November 2009, the move to the GIFFA Message Board, and the re-branding of this blog as FIFFA.

Facebook hs changed a lot too.   The old-style pages now contain the following message:

Over the next few months, Facebook will be archiving all groups created using the old groups format. When this group is archived, its wall posts, photos and discussion threads will move to the new groups format, but group members will need to be re-added.

The FIOFAFI group had 35 members by September 2009.   No change since.

Initially, all posts on the blog were added to the groupFrom July 2009 onwards, only the “Seven Days” and “Eye Catcher” posts were added.

Yu Teik’s older FAFI group has 64 members, but many of them appear to be young female fans of a female artist called FAFI:

From her 1994 graffiti debut in hometown Toulouse (France), to her recent collaborations with Adidas, M.A.C cosmetics and Chanel, FAFI always left a strong mark wherever she decided to put her pencils and brushes on.

Painting and hustling her sexy and sometimes aggressive characters, she sparked the whole world’s attention, travelling Europe, America and Asia. The planet is a playground and the game is called LOVE AND FAFINESS.


By exploring feminity through stereotypes and using them to her advantage, she not only knocked her male colleagues and competitors out their socks, she also locked toy manufacturing deals with Sony and Medicom, countless press stories and illustrations for Vogue, Elle or The Face, big market collaborations with Hennessy, Swatch and Le SportSac, not to mention many solo and prestigious group shows in the most respected galleries around the globe.

Her next natural move was animating the ‘Fafinettes’ in music videos like Lily Allen and Mark Ronson’s ‘Oh My God’ or her own-directed ‘Do Do Do’ for Ed Banger act Carte Blanche. Her first comic book ‘THE CARMINE VAULT’ is set to be released in September 2012 on eminent Rizzoli Books publishing from New-York City. Now not only the Fafinettes are fly girls, they also run a whole universe of creatures, homes and vehicles. It’s a dreamy and peculiar place.


They don’t seem to have noticed that the FAFI Group has nothing to do with the artist, or the irony of the cartoon Yu Teik chose as the photo for the group. Either that, or Yu Teik has several unlikely fans. 🙂

Anyway, rather than try to save either the FIOFAFI Group or the FAFI Group, I’ve set up a new FIFFA & GIFFA page.

Between June 2009 and January 2010, I used Twitter to provide a summary of the places available.  I stopped because not many of our players were on Twitter.  However, as more of us have smartphones than we did 20 months ago, I might re-start doing so.  I haven’t decided whether I do so under the existing FIOFAFI account or create a new GIFFA account.

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