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The GIFFA games are administered through a message board hosted on ProBoards.

The message board was originally set up in November 2009 on Aimoo.  After comparing the workings and features of the two platforms, I moved the message board to ProBoards later that month.

Despite some reservations, the use of the GIFFA message board has grown since then.  For a long time, the most number of users at any one time was 18 on 25 November 2009, the day after the move to ProBoards was announced.  Currently, the most number of users at any one time is 27, on 7 July 2010, the date of the July update.

Up to now, anyone  could put their names down for a game, including those who have not registered as members of the message board (as guests).  You only had to be registered and logged in to vote in a poll, a ProBoards feature which I cannot change.

From next month onwards, anyone who wants to put their name down for a regular game on the Schedule board must be a registered member and logged in.  Registered members can continue to put names down for other players, including guests.

Guests can post on threads on all other boards, including the Reports and Other Games boards, and can even start a thread on the Queries, Suggestions & Chat board.

When you register, you can adjust or modify the settings in your profile to limit the amount of information that is disclosed. You can also set your profile to be “invisible”, so that other members cannot see you when you’re logged in.

After you register, you will get an activation e-mail. Please remember to activate your membership. I changed the settings last month so that new members have to be approved by me as well. Up to the end of August 2010, I will approve everyone who has played before.

More information about the registration and guests can be found on the July 2010 thread on the Player Lists board.

The advantages of registering are also that:

  • You don’t have to tick the box to agree to ProBoards Terms of Service and fill in the security check each time you post.
  • When you are logged in, there is a “Quick Reply” box at the bottom of each thread that makes adding a post faster.

I have started a troubleshooting thread on the Administration & Information board.

There is now a ProBoards app for iPhone. Click on the link to read more and to download the app.

It should make it easier to access the message board, including to put your name down for or withdraw from a game via your iPhone.

More information about ProBoards on Wikipedia.

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  1. rajiv
    Mon 19 July 2010 at 4:37 pm

    ProBoard forums, including the GIFFA Message Board, could not be loaded for more than an hour this morning. More information here.

  2. rajiv
    Wed 21 July 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Unfortunately, the ProBoards app for iPhone is not available from the Singapore store. 😦

    However, I understand it is available from both the US and Australia stores.

  3. rajiv
  4. rajiv
    Sun 1 August 2010 at 3:35 pm

    The sticky thread on the Schedule board includes the following:

    New players who don’t know any registered members, please start a thread on the Queries, Suggestions & Chat board to introduce yourself – your year of birth, nationality, club you support (if any), your football experience and the days/times you are available for a game. I will contact you about your first game.

    Accordingly, the Queries, Suggestions & Chat board has been renamed as “Queries, Suggestions, Introductions & Chat”, and the above passage re-worded.

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