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Re-Branding, “Ferment: Indefatigable Fun For Adults”

The name of the blog was changed from “FIOFAFI” to “FIFA(OFI)” last month.

“FIFA(OFI)” is of course an anagram of “FIOFAFI”.  Apart from that, there’s little to recommend it as a brand.

With “FIOFAFI”, we played around up to a year ago with what the first “F” might stand for.

After giving it some more thought over the past month, I like “Ferment”.   I’ll keep “Indefatigable” and “Fun” from “FIOFAFI” and “FIFA(OFI)” and “For Adults” for “FIFA(OFI)” and “GIFFA” – so we have “FIFFA”.

It is not entirely coincidental that the blog is renamed “FIFFA” two days before the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 🙂

As was the case with “FAFI” (the prelude to “FIOFAFI”), we are back to a play on “FIFA”.

“FIFFA” also rhymes with “GIFFA”, which to date is only activity to take-off from the blog.

I hope to re-work FIFFA’s identity in the second half of this year, especially its non-football aspects.

For now, the tagline – “Sustaining interests and activities even as we get older”, and the slogan – “Never too old to score”, remain unchanged.

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