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Revamp: FIFA(OFI)

FIOFAFI as a play on “FAFI” and the target age of our constituency has run its course.

Further, many people can’t figure out how to pronounce “FIOFAFI”.

In re-naming the blog, I’ve kept key elements of FIOFAFI – “Fun” and “Indefatigably” (the first “F” and the last “I”), as well as the focus on older adults.   The old tagline of “Regular indoor football, sport and other activity for working adults in Singapore” is now more generally “For Adults”.

Ok, it spells “FIFA”, but we’re the opposite of the money grabbing, corrupt power brokers that run world football.

Not entirely coincidentally, FIFA(OFI) is an anagram of FIOFAFI.

The blog address remains the same, and fiofafi.com still brings you to the “Current GIFFA Games” page.

The blog has been re-designed, and will continue to be re-designed until I’m satisfied with the layout.  The blog as it stood before the re-design (and this post) has been archived here.  Comments can still be added there.

The blog is very much about sustaining a broad range of interests and activities.  So far, only the indoor football has taken off, but there’s no reason why other interests and activities can’t be pursued and participation developed in a similar fashion.

The new tagline for the blog – “Sustaining interests and activities even as we get older”.

The development of the GIFFA Message Board and GIFFA System for regular indoor football also means the blog isn’t overwhelmed by a specific interest or activity, be it football in general or indoor football in particular.

As far as football is concerned, the European season coming to an end.   We may well get to watch the World Cup, but with SingTel paying over the odds for the rights to broadcast the English Premier League from next season onwards (which costs will inevitably be passed on to the viewer), why watch when you can play?  If nothing else, it’s cheaper and healthier.

The new GIFFA slogan – “Why pay to watch?  Just play”.

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  1. rajiv
    Sat 8 May 2010 at 8:59 am

    As the Monthly Round Up relates to GIFFA only, it will from now on appear on the message board under the “General” category. A new board has been created on the message board entitled “Monthly Round Up”.

    The earlier “Suggestions” and Chat” boards under the “General” category have now been merged into a single “Queries, Suggestions & Chat” board.

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