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Eye-Catcher: 8 November 2009

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The first episode of the second series of Culture Shock! was on Channel News Asia last night, hosted by our very own Nick.

It will be repeated at 11.30 am and 6.30 pm today.  Don’t miss it.  The trailer again:

I got the following e-mail from Bobby on Thursday:

Was “interviewed” by a journalist from the ST sports desk  before our  game against Mark’s team today.

He was looking to talk to older players in light of the recent high-profile injuries to ex-national footballers.

I guess my greying hair was a magnet given the context.

Anyway, I clued them in to fiofafi & he was keen to talk to you. cc’d you on the mail I just sent to him – hope you don’t mind. His photographer took some pictures of our game – good thing I was wearing the fiofafi jersey.

Bobby’s e-mail to the journalist, Terence, was as follows:

It was good to meet you.

Fiofafi.com is the site I was telling you about.  It caters primarily to working adults keen on regular indoor football.

The site is run as a blog with regular sessions listed weekly.  Anyone can sign up for a game and each session is filled up on a first-come-first-served basis.  We currently have 120 or so active players with an average age in the mid-30’s.

The e-mail ended with an introduction to me.

The journalist contacted me later in the week.  He was looking to interview footballers above 50 to see how they manage to continue to play.   I informed him that although we have had players over 50, currently, our oldest regulars are just below 50.

After checking with Sam, I provided him with Sam’s contact number.  Don’t be surprised if you see a photograph of Sam in the Straits Times one of these days!

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