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FAFI Notes: 2 November 2009

Tue 3 November 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The scheduled line ups were:

  • Reds: Sushil, Jason D, Ron, Desmond O, Jye, Kannan
  • Blacks: Desmond T, Jason C, Dan B, Look Liew, Joane, Damian Y

Anyone, the result and any comments below please.

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  1. Damian Y
    Tue 3 November 2009 at 10:29 am

    Rip roaring nite!

    Before we started, the line up was changed with Reds swapping Joane (Van Nilsterooy) with Blacks Desmond under ‘guidance’ from the sideline Imran who was out with an achilles heel injury 😉

    Blacks found their rhythm quickly and went up 3-1 in the first 10 mins or so. But Reds began to settle down and started to exert themselves in the Black half. It was an interesting contrast of style with Blacks trying out long balls and quick passes while Reds dominated the midfield with Jason and Jye holding the ball well and feeding the strikers, Sushil and Joane interchanging quickly in attack and def.

    Blacks then suffered a bad spell resulting from a lapse of concentration with myself being the biggest culprit (sorry guys this was one of my worst games :() backpassing without looking into an open own goal :0 (Jason C was grabbing a swipe of water after going into goal) and getting entangled in the side netting resulting in losing the ball in defence which culminated into an easy goal for Reds.

    Thereafter, Reds took the lead and were up by a couple of goals, before Blacks made a strategic move with Jason C having to leave the pitch cos of stomach pains. It was a double whammy for Reds cos with 1 additional player, Reds were confined to scoring within the D which we all know is quite difficult as its much easier for the defending team to defend. The other blow was that with only 5 players, Dan the MAN (who incidentally got my vote for the evening) was freed up to run amok all over the pitch and score quite a few solo goals!!

    With 3 mins to go to the hour and the scores level at 8-8 (or wassit 7-7?) both teams had all the play for to avoid a boring draw and by then Jason C had returned to the match so it was all even stevens again……until Look Liew took a brilliant pot shot from the right side of the pitch and the ball went in!!! Game Set and Match with Blacks winning by 1 goal at 9-8 or 8-7….

    ps. Ron sorry for deliberately blocking your line of sight for the last goal cldnt resist lah….hehehe…

  2. Imran
    Tue 3 November 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Great post-game analysis from Damian. I have nothing more to add to that except that it was a fantastic game to watch. Fast paced, some great skills and the game could have gone either way till the very last minute. The final score was 9-8 if I counted correctly.

    The only reason I suggested the change was because Joane and Dan had played together before and they have good combination (actually anyone playing beside Dan would make a good combination 🙂 )… So it was a suggestion which I though brough a balance to the game. Hope no one took this in any other way… Cheers fellas!!

  3. Tom
    Wed 4 November 2009 at 5:42 pm

    Next Monday 9th is full, playing 6 v 6. Line-ups up over the weekend.

  1. Sat 7 November 2009 at 12:44 am

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