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Thursday Night At The Cage: 29 October 2009

Fri 30 October 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The tentative line ups were:

  • Whites:  Neil M, Tommy, Kevin K, Chris R, Fred
  • Blacks:  Kenneth L, Poh Keng, Ganesh, Weiwen, Chris K

Anyone, the results and any comments below please.


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  1. Poh Keng
    Fri 30 October 2009 at 9:01 am

    Game started with whites having four players. I forgot to SMS Neil M to confirm if he is coming. The blacks were restricted to scoring only in the last third of the pitch. The whites did well and got a 2 goals lead and the blacks begin to pull back and the blacks took the lead. It was quite a close game with the blacks having one to two goals lead for a while. Finally, the whites ran out of steam and the blacks went out winners 14-7 with Ganesh sitting out in the last 5 mins. The whites were really fantastic and the Blacks were a little slack in their play possibly too comfortable with an extra man and the Blacks nearly paid for it. it will be almost similar line-up for next tuesday and let’s see what the whites can do with five men.

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