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Weekly Round-Up: 12 To 19 October 2009

Thu 22 October 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

We reached 8 sessions/games in a week again.  The player poll results:

Session Player poll winner Other votes
Rep game on Monday night at The Cage Yaseen (2 votes) Nick, Sze Kuan (1
Tuesday night at The Cage Melvin C, Poh Keng,
Sagnik (1 each)
Rep game on Wednesday night at Sports Planet Uday (2 votes)
Thursday night at The Cage Tommy (1)
Saturday evening at Sports Planet Azmi, Ian F, Toby (1
Rep game on Sunday morning at Turf City
Rep game on Sunday evening at Turf City Rajseran (2 votes) Jason D, Nick (1 each)
FAFI game on Monday night Clive, Rajseran (1

The participation records and player table have been updated. I’ve reached 88 sessions/games since 1 September 2008, with Bobby and Sushil on 87 each. I’ll be taking a break, so I suppose I won’t be the first to reach 100. 🙂

During the interruption, if line ups or the names of those confirmed for a session/game are put up on the blog, I will put up a summary when I next get to a computer after the session/game, with the usual player poll.  If there is at least one summary, I will put up a weekly round-up next week.

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