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Eye-Catcher: 19 September 2009

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Sports stories and quotes that catch the eye, and other fun stuff off the internet.

Martin O’Neill denied wrestling Nigel Reo-Coker to the ground in a training ground incident on Wednesday.

Villa boss Martin O’Neill admitted he had a “strong verbal disagreement” with the midfielder at training on Thursday.

However, O’Neill denied newspaper reports of a physical confrontation.


“There was a bit of a contretemps and that is unfortunate. Nigel didn’t train this morning and obviously won’t play tomorrow.

“There were no fisticuffs. There was no wrestling to the ground as reported in one newspaper. That was a figment of the onlookers’ imagination.

Comedy appears to be all the rage in football.   Even Arsene Wenger has joined the act:

One minute Wenger was tearing a strip off his opposite number for defending Adebayor – “You ask 100 people, 99 will say it’s very bad and the 100th will be Mark Hughes” – the next he was quoting the Bible, following van Persie’s decision to castigate his tormentor in public.

“If somebody stamps on your head in that way, you wouldn’t say, ‘thank you very much’ and turn the other cheek,” reasoned Wenger. “Only Jesus Christ did that.”

Ernie Ecclestone also turned his hand to comedy in the wake of Flavio Briatore quitting as boss of Renault’s F1 team. Briatore “helped to save Queens Park Rangers when he bought the club with Ecclestone in 2007 although his reign has been dogged by accusations that he has interfered with the manager’s selections”.

“Sometimes good things come out of bad,” Ecclestone said. “At least he’ll have more time to pick the team now.”

In case you didn’t already know, Briatore “left his position as team principal after Renault decided not to contest charges that they had asked their driver Nelson Piquet Jr to deliberately crash in last year’s Singapore Grand Prix to aid team-mate Fernando Alonso’s chances of winning the race”.

Tom’s “love” for Liverpool led him to spot this on Thursday:

Liverpool FC have slammed a stunt by a bookmakers which offered odds over who would be the next Anfield star to be burgled.

More than 12 players from Liverpool and Everton have been the target of gangs who have burgled their home while they have been in action for the clubs away from home.

And Paddy Power had started taking bets as to which star would be next, with Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres all 12/1 favourites.

There is an increasing convergence of comedy and professional sport, especially football and F1.

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  1. rajiv
    Mon 21 September 2009 at 8:11 am

    On Saturday 12 September 2009, Starhub TV’s info bar during the game between Stoke City and Chelsea showed “Stroke City v Chelsea”. I thought of recording it, but let it pass.

    Yesterday, the info bar during the Manchester derby was “Man Untied v Man City”. This time, I did record it, here.

  2. rajiv
    Sat 26 September 2009 at 7:06 am

    There won’t be a separate “Eye-Catcher” post this week.

  1. Tue 22 September 2009 at 7:40 pm

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