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Weekly Round-Up: 5 July 2009

A summary of FIOFAFI sessions and games in the past week.

“FIOFAFI This Week” has been re-named “Weekly Round Up”.

We managed 6 sessions from Monday to today, equalling the most we’ve had in a week.  We also managed two routine sessions over the weekend, one of Saturday and one on Sunday.

The player poll results below start with the 11-a-side last Saturday to the two sessions on Wednesday night, with the results for yesterday and today carried over to next weekend’s round-up, to allow more time for voting.

Session Player poll winner Other votes
11-a-side game last
Wade, Waqas (2 votes
Luke, Mark L, Yuchi (1
FAFI game on Monday night Nick, Rajseran, Waqas
(1 each)
Tuesday night at The Cage Lukas, Poh Keng,
Yaseen (1 each)
Wednesday night at Sports Planet Rajiv (2 votes) Weeliam (1 vote)
Wednesday night at The Cage Dilesh, Dominic (1
vote each)

However, the results from the sessions yesterday and today have been included in the latest rankings.  Please note that the movements are largely the result of dropping the results from the first quarter of the year, not the results over the past week.

This will be the last time there will be such drastic changes at the start of a quarter.  At the end of this quarter, I will continue with a rolling 26-week period.

Click “Current Top 40” in the links in the right column to see the latest top 40.  Click on the link to the Excel document on that page to see the full listing, workings, and other details.

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