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Report On 11-A-Side Game: 27 June 2009

We took on the British Club’s second eleven yesterday evening on their pitch along Dunearn Road.

Our starting 11 was:

  • Goalkeeper:  Waqas
  • Left Back: Yuchi
  • Right Back: John S
  • Centre Backs: Edardy & Chris
  • Midfield: Rajseran & Wade
  • Left Midfield/Wing: Joel
  • Right Midfield/Wing: Timmy
  • Strikers: Luke & Nick

Imran had an early run out on right wing when Timmy had to come off to put on shin pads.

With rolling substitutions, everyone had at least half an hour if not a full half of 40 minutes:

  • Azmi and Imran in midfield
  • Weeliam on left wing
  • Swee Hoe on right wing
  • Shankar in central midfield and right back
  • Mark L at left back and at the end on the left wing

In the second half, Edardy had a spell at left back, Rajseran and Yuchi in central defence, Joel in central midfield and Wade up front.  Even Sushil, who came by to see if we had enough players, got 20 minutes in central midfield and right back.

Franco came by at the end, but there were only 5 minutes left.

We had a couple of chances early on, which we didn’t take.  The British Club’s 2nd XI then created several chances, which Waqas did well to save, or which they put wide.

We then took the lead through Luke off a ball forward from Azmi.  Our opponents equalized just before half time.

Half time score: 1-1

Our opponents took the lead immediately after the restart.  Wade equalized for us off a ball forward from either Timmy or John.

Chances were created at both ends, before the British Club took a 3-2 lead.  As we pushed forward looking for an equalizer, they scored two more late on.

Final score:  British Club’s 2nd XI 5 FIOFAFI 2

Lack of familiarity with playing to particular positions and 11-a-side with each other was our undoing. Rolling substitutions gives everyone a run out, but is also disruptive.

It didn’t help that we conceded at least 3 soft goals.  If we are going to play 11-a-side games regularly, it might make sense to have a standing squad of 40, with first and second or even third and fourth choices for each position.  Where there is strong competition for a place, or a player’s best position is not obvious, we can put the issue to a vote.

Thanks to the British Club for hosting the game – we didn’t have to pay for anything, including the post-match drinks!  And thanks to John S for arranging the match.

For the fun of it, vote for FIOFAFI’s player of the match.

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  1. Azmi
    Sun 28 June 2009 at 3:30 pm

    The score did not reflect the game. We were playing quite well. A draw would be a fair result.

  2. rajiv
    Tue 30 June 2009 at 12:06 pm

    John S sent me the following e-mail yesterday:

    Hi Rajiv,

    Here’s the British Club’s match report – thought you might be interested and maybe want to post it on the blog. They’ve charitably given us an extra goal.


    From: Paul
    Sent: 29 June 2009 16:31
    To: John S
    Subject: FW: [FOOTBALL@BC] Match Report: BC 2nd XI 5 Afifi 3

    Hope this will cheer you up…..!!!!



    From: British Club Football
    Sent: 29 June 2009 16:22
    To: BC Football
    Subject: [FOOTBALL@BC] Match Report: BC 2nd XI 5 Afifi 3

    BC 2nd XI vs Afifi FC 5-3 (1-1 HT)

    Roth (2)
    Rae Brian

    A blisteringly hot afternoon and this match looked a daunting prospect as a makeshift BC team with 11.5 players (Stephen had an appointment with his hairdresser at 6.30 for a blue rinse) looked across at a team with 8 subs. Sam gave his usual rousing speech asking us to give everything from the word go – then announced he’d sit out the first 20! A solid enough back line in front of Trusting Ross (“that ginga disappeared wi’ ma shirt) of Tom, Nick, myself and Brett/Barry. Midfield saw Boon wide left, Brian & Brian in the middle and Stephen out right (he and Tom rushed there to claim their berths once they realised they’d be in the shade). Nick G & Ron upfront made up our Habanna/Beast pairing in attack.

    The opposition were a 5 a side squad who looked like they would have plenty of fancy touches but looked a bit lost on a pitch resembling the scorched high veldt. A last imploring plea to the back 4 of “Don’t do anything stupid in the first 10 minutes” was met by Tom’s witty repartee “So it’s ok after 10 minutes” – prophetic words.

    The game kicked off with Brett and Boon looking assured on the left, the midfield linking well across the park thanks to Brian Bs distribution and Nick and Ron hassling well. The opposition front guys looked a bit pacey and keen to test us out through the middle but Nick snuffed out most balls that came through. Yours truly was caught out once but that was because I was reading the player’s, rather than the game, exceptional tattoos. With 20 minutes gone neither side could really get control although the opposition looked a little livelier, when we tried to play neat triangles out of defence from the right. Alas, the minds were quicker than the legs and the ball was pinched by their left wing, squared to the multi-coloured centre forward and it was 1-0.

    Minutes later and a roar on the touch line announced the arrival of Grant who, ever the team man, had slipped off from quality time with his departing family with the line “you’ll be ok to get a taxi to the airport, wont you?”. He was quickly on to add his extra dynamism to the yelling at the back. With renewed vigour BC clawed their way back into the game and, as half time beckoned, Nick G picked the ball up left on the half way line, turned his man sprinted down the line before cutting inside a covering defender and slotting past all 5 foot 2 of their keeper. A remarkable goal and surely not to be bettered in this match – or so we thought. 1-1 at half-time and the usual “we can do this boys” – and Sam perceptively saying “watch them tire on this big pitch”.

    The second half kicked off and the oppo’s midfield seemed to be absent. BC took control and pressed hard down both flanks leading to another Groth goal. A mass of Afifi substitutions saw them switch to long balls over the top which worked not once but twice as the off-side/I can’t run that fast trap failed to convince the referee. However, in between, and much to the disgust of Afifi, Brian R towering a foot over the keeper, challenged on a corner and, Bakkies Botha style, bundled the ball and the keeper over the line.

    3-3 but the effort from the 5 a side kings had taken its toll and soon their midfield was once again overrun. After several good moves breaking down on the edge of the box one more attack was launched. Brian B broke right in midfield, the Dripping Beast bellowed and charged like a wounded Rhino into the box. The ball in was straight to him and brought down with the deftest touch. Just as I said to The Book “don’t worry he never scores these” he lashed the ball past the keeper. Quality move, quality finish.

    But more was to come, almost from the kick off and with Brian B still trying to recover his breath, a first time ball played out of defence by your scribe found Nick G just to the right of the centre circle. Again turning his man and running hard to the touchline, Nick played in a perfectly weighted ball for the tireless Brian B to run onto and bury. 5-3!

    For the first time in a few weeks The British Club, not football, was the winner. 3 exceptional goals, tireless performances starting with Ron upfront and working all the way back and some quality football. Several man of the match performances come to mind, Nick K & Brett at the back for keeping us in it in the first half. Nick G for his goals and assist but my MoM goes to Brian Brennan who consistently won his midfield battles in the first half and demoralised them when they threatened to come back in the second half.

    Well done to all for winning in the kind of game and situation when it’s easy to let someone else do the work and then lose. I’m off for my summer break but look forward to the new league in August.

    They got our name wrong as well!

    • Yaseen
      Tue 30 June 2009 at 12:15 pm

      What a joke of a report… Next time for 11 a side, we have to bring the strongest squad possible..

  3. Shankar
    Tue 30 June 2009 at 2:14 pm

    I am sorry for sucking at mid field guys. I think, act, run and position myslef like a defender. Not very suitable for mid-field as was evident with the game and the result.

    My suggestions would be to concentrate the wingers in center of the field first. Move them to advanced positions down the flank when we get the ball to our feet. Most of the time, i was out numbered in midfield. Guys playing on the flanks must be able to backtrack to cover their opposing players. Just like 5-a-side, man-for-man marking.

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