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Barcelona Win

Barcelona won our pre-UEFA Champions League Final mini knock out tournament early this morning at The Cage.


  • Semi-Final One:  Barcelona 7 (or 8 ) Neutrals 6
  • Semi-Final Two:  Manchester United Team One 6 Manchester United Team Two 5
  • 3rd/4th placing match:  Neutrals defeated Manchester United Team Two by about 5 goals.
  • Final:  Barcelona 7 Manchester United Team One 6

The teams started as follows:

  • Barcelona (Blacks): Lukas, Andy M, Philipp, Lin Kang, Yuchi.
  • Neutral (Blues): Poh Keng, Melvin C, Azmi, Steve F, Regan.
  • Manchester United Team One (Reds): Yaseen, Qaleel, Matt, Shankar, John J.
  • Manchester United Team Two (Whites): Weeliam, Murray, Damian, Timmy.

Poh Keng brought another friend, Regan, who started for neutrals as Damian’s friends were late.  In the other semi-final, as MUT2 were a player short, MUT1 were restricted to scoring from within the D, enabling MUT2 to take an early lead.

Damian’s friends, Mokhtar and Vincent, together with Sang Wok, a friend of Mokhtar’s, and Mokhtar’s 15-year old son, arrived after about 15 minutes. Vincent joined MUT2 to make 5.

In the 3rd and 4th placing match, Mokhtar was a rolling sub for Neutrals or MUT2 while Sang Wok and Mokhtar’s son were rolling subs for MUT2.

In the Final, Barcelona took a 7-1 lead before MUT1 pulled it back to 7-6.  At least MUT1 made more of a fight of the game than Manchester United did in the UEFA Champions League Final.

Afterwards, there was some football on a big screen, and food and drink, until 4.45 am.

I’ll go ahead with a player of the tournament poll.  Although Mokhtar’s son had a very effective game, he’s not included in the poll as he is under 21.

A short excerpt from the Final:

Clips from the two semi-finals can be found here – first and second.

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