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Tuesday Night At The Cage: 19 May 2009

The default line ups were:

  • White: Gilbert, Andy N, Melvin, Edardy, Mark N
  • Black: Lukas, Philipp, Julius, Clemens, Con

Probably one of the fastest and most exhausting games I have played in; as was echoed by most of the regulars. The game started with a guest appearance from Andy’s brother and Con playing for the blacks. Straight from kick-off Andy toe-punted the ball toward the corner flag and it rebounded off Julius backside to beat the flailing Lukas in goal. Not sure that the dubious goals committee would award the striker on this one!

It was fast and furious with passing and running as silky as a whore’s negligee. It was nip ‘n’ tick up to the half hour mark with goals from just about everyone. Con and Clemens were a constant threat up front for the blacks whilst Edardy and Melvin did their best to keep the scores tied. Lukas and Philipp started giving Andy and Gilbert grief at the back and soon the whites were tiring.

Julius had some good shots to put the blacks ahead and even with goals from Mark and Melvin the whites couldn’t pull the score line back. Lukas added insult to injury in the last few moments with a couple of good goals and it ended 15-7 to blacks. Not us uneven as the scoreline suggests up to 35 minutes, it was the tired legs and passing which made the difference in the last quarter or so.

A good match rounded off with the usual post-match beers sponsored by Philipp and Lukas. Prost.

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  1. philipp
    Wed 20 May 2009 at 9:29 am

    Looking at the line-up before the game we decided to play for 10 minutes to see if Blacks will be too dominant for an even fun match. We would have swapped players but before Blacks could even order their formation Andy surprised with a long distance shot. Pretty soon Whites were leading 3:0. Only then Blacks woke up and an extremely fast game was about to begin with a lot of running and many chances on both sides.
    Blacks were often able to establish a nice passing game, but missed a lot of chances to score. Whites had a very good defense and steadily sneaked through Black’s lines with running passes to Melvin, Edardy and Mark. At the end the fast pace might have decided the game. I can’t reca√∂√∂ the final score. Could someone fill in please?
    Easy for me to say playing for the winning Blacks, but I think it was another example for a good and interesting game even with a line-up that appeared to be pretty uneven. Am I wrong? What do White say?

  2. philipp
    Wed 20 May 2009 at 9:31 am

    Oh, thanks Andy. 2 seconds faster than me!

    • rajiv
      Wed 20 May 2009 at 11:00 am

      I’ve moved Andy’s comment into the post and attributed the post to him.

  3. Edardy
    Wed 20 May 2009 at 6:12 pm

    It was pretty fast! I wasn’t too fussed about the evenness of the team. It initially appeared uneven but I think white was a solid defensive team and the blacks were a furiously fast attacking team. Both teams could combine and make a formidable 11 aside team. It was just two very different teams. One was meant to intervene, break morale (referring to Andy’s daunting presence! haha) and distribute with tougher, calmer and better looking players hahaha. The other team (the blacks) was meant to penetrate, tire the opponent and score goals with speed, agility and tireless runs. It was two different mechanics at play last night and I think we all played well within the dynamics of our team’s nature. I say well done to everyone, anyways.

  1. Sun 24 May 2009 at 12:03 pm

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