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Introducing OPSAGE

Anyone is free to organize, propose or offer any game, sport, activity, project or event through the blog.

This has been the case since I first spelt out that FIOFAFI is a platform (in August last year), and that the blog is intended to be facilitative.

The “Other Activities” page and category were introduced on 1 February 2009 to provide greater freedom for other participants to organize, propose or offer other stuff, and to do so in the way they choose.

“Current Schedule” (to revert to its original name, “Regular Sessions”) covers the regular sessions organized by me. It describes the method by which I organize the regular sessions, including how venues, days and times are chosen, when the weekly schedule comes out, how to confirm or cancel for any session, how line ups and colours are determined, turning up early, and the rules by which the sessions are played.

Anyone else organizing a game or session doesn’t have to follow these details. The “Other Activities” page provided that:

The person proposing, organizing or offering the game, activity, event or project should include the parameters, such as minimum or maximum number of people, selection method, or other relevant rules and principles, by which the activity, event or project is to be conducted, which parameters shouldn’t be inconsistent with FIOFAFI’s core values.

The “core values” were first listed here.

The “Other Activities” page has also been used by me to organize other ad hoc sessions or games where the regular session system doesn’t apply.

To date, the following sessions and games have been organized through the “Other Activities’ page:

  • The 11-a-side game on 21 February 2009 organized by Andy M.
  • The 7-a-side game on 28 March 2009 organized by me.
  • The 11-a-side game on 25 April 2009 proposed by Kevin/Mark L and for which I put together a FIOFAFI team to play against their church team.
  • The 7-a-side game on 2 May 2009 organized by me.

The “Other Activities” page was extended to cover projects and events so that other stuff, such as Gilbert providing FIOFAFI jerseys, and Nick’s plays, can be covered.

The post by Philipp on his photoblog also came under the “Other Activities” category.

If Tom wishes to invite participants through the blog to his Fantasy League next season, it would also come under “Other Activities”.

Tom finds the “Other Activities” page too inconspicuous and the term “activities” inappropriate for football.

The “Other Activities” page is at the extreme right of the row of pages near the top of the webage.  The “Current Schedule” page is next to it, second from the right.  If at all, “Other Activities” is more conspicuous than “Current Schedule” on the webpage.

To make the distinction clearer, the “Current Schedule” page will revert to its original name – “Regular Sessions”.

“Other sport, games, activities, projects and events” would be too long to fit into the row, so how about an acronym – “OPSAGE” for “Other Projects, Sport, Activities, Games and Events”.

President of IFA, ... sorry FIFA

President of IFA, ... sorry FIFA. Not FAFI. Not about Tom.

It could also be a shortening of “Operation SAGE“. 🙂  (PS.  “FIFA” without the first “F” is “IFA”.)

If nothing else, the new name should make it more conspicuous.

Anyone can organize, propose or offer any OPSAGE as a comment to the monthly “Other Activities” post (to be renamed OPSAGE too).  An author can do so as a separate post.

Any regular participant can be added as an author by opening a WordPress account and providing me with the e-mail address used to open the account.

My role in OPSAGE organized by other participants will necessarily be more limited.

As far as possible, I’ll limit my role to linking the brief description of it on the OPSAGE page to the post or comment in which the latest details are set out by the participant organizing, proposing or offering it.

Under OPSAGE, you still benefit from FIOFAFI’s to-be-patented-some day “pooling effect”.

Monday night’s session at Turf City organized by Tom becomes the first under the newly-titled OPSAGE.

Tom, Syikin from the Premier Pitch confirmed by a reply e-mail yesterday afternoon to you and me that all the Monday night bookings at Turf City that I have for May and June have been transferred to you.

A regular Monday night session at Turf City could be called “Project FAFI“. 🙂

  1. rajiv
    Mon 11 May 2009 at 2:10 pm

    From here:

    If the profile of the participants for a session so allows, sometime in the future, I might try line ups based on the players’ favourite clubs, for example, Manchester United fans v Liverpool fans.

    Tom, if you haven’t decided on the line ups for [tonight’s] session at Turf City, you could be try that.

    Project FAFI could be at the cutting edge of FIOFAFI. If FIOFAFI were a knife, “FIO” could be the handle, and “FAFI” could be the blade.

    Perhaps Philipp could design another FIOFAFI logo comprising of a knife, with “FIO” on the handle, and “FAFI” on the blade. 🙂

  2. rajiv
    Thu 14 May 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Currently, the mainstay of the OPSAGE page are the following:

    Project FAFI.
    FIOFAFI jerseys and T-shirts.

  3. rajiv
    Fri 15 May 2009 at 10:31 am

    Two new entries in the OPSAGE page:

    Bret’s invitation to watch Manchester United v Arsenal tomorrow with the Manchester United Supporters Club.

    A proposal by Lukas and several other regulars to watch the UEFA Champions League Final together at a venue to be determined and to play a night session (1 to 2 am on 28 May 2009) before that.

  4. rajiv
    Sat 30 May 2009 at 12:31 pm

    OPSAGE can extend to sharing information about events which our participants may be interested in attending.

    I’ve simplified the passage in the OPSAGE page quoted above to read as follows:

    The person proposing, organizing, offering or sharing information about any OPSAGE should include relevant details. The manner in which the OPSAGE is held shouldn’t be inconsistent with FIOFAFI’s core values.

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