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FIOFAFI This Week: 3 May 2009

We were down to two weekday night sessions last week for the first time this year, but if you include the Saturday games (either the previous Saturday’s 11-a-side or yesterday’s 7-a-side, we still managed the target of at least 3 sessions a week.

Yesterday’s 7-a-side was also the first of the Challenges.

Apart from being people being away or injured, the heat and/or concerns about flu might have kept people away.  If that is the case, it might not get any better in the coming week.

As stated last week, the player poll result for the 11-a-side will be included in this week’s summary.  The player of the poll results for last week:

Session Player poll winner Other votes
11-a-side on Saturday, 25 April 2009 Chris & Luke (3 votes each) Gilbert (2), Yuchi (1)
night at The Cage
Wade (4 votes) Poh Keng (2)
night at The Cage
Rajseran (4 votes) Mark T (2), LinKang (1)

Yesterday’s 7-a-side will be included in next week’s summary.

The end-of-week rankings have been updated.  The top 40 be found here.  Other details can be found by following the links on the Participation page.

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