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FIOFAFI This Week: 26 April 2009

We didn’t have either of the scheduled sessions on Monday, due to lack of numbers and pull outs, but we still managed 3 sessions, plus an 11-a-side game yesterday.  It total, 42 places were filled.

The player of the session for each of the three weekday night sessions were as follows:

Session Player poll winner Other votes
night at The Cage
Lukas & Poh Keng (2 votes each) Benjamin (1), Neil (1)
night at The Cage
Rajseran (4 votes) Boris (1), Nick (1)
night at East Coast
Joel (3 votes) Benjamin (2), John J (2), Clive (1), Damian (1), Gilbert (1)

The end-of-week rankings have been updated.  I’ve listed the top 40 on a separate page.

The entire listing, as the first page of the participation records as an Excel document, showing the workings, can be downloaded here.

The 11-a-side game will be included in next week’s end-of-week rankings.

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