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The Last “I”

When trying to find an acronym that fit “FIOFAFI”, “Forties and Fifties” was easy for the “FAF” part.  “Into Our Forties And Fifties” followed.

It took a little longer to settle on “Indefatigably” for the last “I”.

In the context of FIOFAFI, “indefatigable” or “untiring” doesn’t mean we never get tired.  Apart from the fact that our regular sessions can be physically exhausting, we do need to rest between sessions.  The competitive edge to many of our sessions can make them mentally exhausting too.  Further, if we pick up strains or injuries, we need to take time to recover properly.

The meaning I had in mind for “Indefatigably” was “persevering”.   If the aim is to continue to participate in and enjoy sports and other activity even as we get older, we come back to “sustainability”.

The first post on the blog on “sustainable participation” was on 22 August 2008.  Two weeks ago, the “Health & Safety” page was renamed “Sustainability”.

The term is used widely in new age and environmental circles:

Sustainability, in general terms, is the ability to maintain balance of a certain process or state in any system. It is now most frequently used in connection with biological and human systems. ….

Sustainability has become a complex term that can be applied to almost every facet of life on Earth, … and is expressed in human organization concepts, …, and human activities and disciplines, ….

In the context of FIOFAFI, “sustainability” for me covers the following areas:

  • The “body” aspect of sustainable participation – health, fitness and safety are sufficiently addressed so that participation is sustainable.
  • The “mind” aspect of sustainable participation – our sessions are sufficiently enjoyable or viewed as sufficiently beneficial for those who play to want to play again.
  • The system for organizing our regular sessions and other activities is sustainable – it is sufficiently user-friendly and convenient for participants to keep coming back, and participants who want to play get to play, without taking up too much time and effort.
  • The blog and all its facets are sustainable – enough people are interested in, and read, what’s on the blog, and continue to do so – the second “numbers” aspect.

A bit more about each.

The “Sustainability” page addresses the first area, which was recently the subject of a separate post.

The second area is harder to pin down.   There is sometimes a “buzz” when you first start playing, or resume playing after a long break.   There have been quite a few participants who are keen to play 2 or 3 times a week when they first start or resume playing.   Often, it settles down after a few weeks to once or twice a week, or even once every two or three weeks.  A health and fitness focus is a further attraction.   However, picking up injuries can put a dampener on the latter.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a few weeks off.  If you’re injured or ill, and need time to recover properly, take a few months, or even a year off.   Sustainability here also means coming back to play when you’re refreshed and ready to come back.

The flip side of that is that sessions will be cancelled if there are insufficient players available.

At any given time, we may be physically or mentally tired and need to rest and recover.  Being “indefatigable” is meant to provide a longer term perspective – the readiness to continue or to resume participation when we are able to, or the ability to do so when we are ready to.

The third area is one I am working on constantly, and which is a never-ending work in progress.  The bottom line is that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

The fourth area necessitates a constant stream of new participants.  Introducing friends, colleagues and acquaintances is one way.  In time, I expect more people will find us through the blog.

The fifth area is not merely useful in connection with the fourth area above.  It is also about reading and writing.  Anyone who has anything interesting to say is welcome to write on the blog, either as a comment or as a new post.  To post, you need to be added as an author.  Everyone else is welcome to read.

I’m trying to get at least one new post up every day.  If more authors wrote, it would make my life easier. 🙂

A lot of thought goes into trying to make everything accessible, even though, with the resources available to me, it will never be perfect.

My personal aspiration as to “perserverance” is reflected in the running man motif, which I have used on the “About FIOFAFI” page and elsewhere on the blog since the middle of last year, and which I have used on my other websites for many years now.

Everything on FIOFAFI is entirely voluntary.  The corollary to that is as adults, we take individual responsibility for our choices, decisions and actions.

Perhaps the last “I” is every last individual, whose regular or occasional participation keeps FIOFAFI going.

  1. rajseran
    Mon 27 April 2009 at 1:16 pm

    I thought it was

    Females (F) Indirectly (I) Offers (O) Fifties (F) and(A) Fourties (F) Inspirations (I)

    Written by Raj
    page 7
    book :Where to find Inspirations when i am Old

    • rajiv
      Mon 27 April 2009 at 6:19 pm

      There are a lot of alternatives for the first “F”. 🙂

  2. rajiv
    Wed 29 April 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Not a good week for FIOFAFI, with 3 of the 5 regular scheduled sessions cancelled and Dirk’s pre-session accident at The Cage last night.

    On the other hand, the 7-a-side on Saturday looks like it’s going on.

    Perhaps not such a bad thing that sessions get cancelled – rather than our regulars becoming jaded with playing week in, week out, hopefully, they come back hungry for more after taking a break.

    For anyone who needs to play some more this week, there’s Kevin’s invitation to a tournament on 1 May 2009 (the Labour Day public holiday).

  3. rajiv
    Thu 24 September 2009 at 12:16 pm

    I had quite a few thoughts about last night’s session, but one particular aspect struck me in particular.

    When an opposing player is through on goal, it makes sense for the goalkeeper to rush out to clear or block the ball, or at least narrow the angle for any shot on goal.

    However, two or three times last night, while in goal, Benjamin rushed out to an opposing player with the ball when he was at the side nets, which gave the opposing player the option of playing the ball to a team-mate in the middle with an open goal to put the ball into. 2 or 3 goals were conceded that way.

    I suspect these bursts of energy were an attempt to make up for an otherwise generally lacklustre performance.

    My hope is that those who play regularly in FIOFAFI sessions develop a more intelligent style of play.

    As we get older, our physical abilities are bound to decline. We can compensate to a significant extent for this by playing more intelligently, thus sustaining our participation for longer even as we get older.

    Losing our heads or becoming demoralized when the game is going against us is counter-productive. You can end up becoming a passenger on your team. Worse still, it can be damaging to the team effort.

    It has been pointed out to me by several regulars over the past year that having someone on your side playing like that can be like playing with four players, that is, a player short. Actually, it can be worse than that – insofar it also damages the team effort, it is like playing with 3.5 players, a player and a half short.

    The last “I” also stands for “Intelligently”.

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