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Into Our Forties And Fifties

The name “FIOFAFI” may have started out as a play on “FAFI”, but the “Into Our Forties And Fifties” part of “FIOFAFI” has a more serious side to it.

I’m no expert, but a quick search on the internet found the following:

On Fitness Health Zone:

Staying fit and healthy above 40 is very essential because this is the most common stage for the occurrence of various problems in your life.

You should be very careful about each and every step that you make in your life at this age.

On Staying Healthy After 40:

… once you hit 40 a man’s body starts producing less testosterone. …. To stave off decreasing muscle mass (once you hit 50 it declines 15 percent per decade), prevent back injuries and protect against heart disease, incorporate strength training into your work out.

As I’ve said before, although our regular weekday night sessions are for all working adults, I’d like to do more for those of us who are over 40 (including me!).  Apart from any issue of health or fitness, opportunities to continue to participate in activities we enjoyed when we were younger, or to pick up new activities, diminish as we get older.

Of the 101 participants whose ages I have, 18 are over 40.  There may be a few more amongst those whose ages I don’t yet have.   A strictly over-40s session may not be viable anytime in the foreseeable future (even though all 6 of those who voted were interested), but there are alternatives.

Largely by chance, 9 of 10 players at last night’s session were over 35, our median age.  At 33, the remaining player was just under.  5 of the 10 were over 40.

Advice from a tae-kwon-do master who took up martial arts only in his 40s:

Think long term. That is the best advice that I live by. Listen to your body and not your mind. I have seen too many adults come into class and their minds say their body is 21. They either stretch too far, or kick too hard, or try to achieve what used to be easy.

Even those of us who are in our 20s and 30s should expect to be in their 40s and 50s some day. If your aim is to continue to participate in sports and activities you currently enjoy (or find new sports and activities to enjoy) as you get older, it is useful to develop the practices and good habits which will enable you to sustain your participation into your 40s, and even into your 50s.

It’s harder to start practising good habits when you’re older (as I’m finding), but there’s enough information available for all adult ages.

  1. rajiv
    Sat 18 April 2009 at 8:01 am

    If at least half of those playing a session are over 40, and at least three quarters are above our median age, as it was for Wednesday’s session, it will be an ad hoc or impromptu “old boys” session.

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