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Other Kinds Of Sessions And Activities

Our regular sessions have developed a particular dynamic.  Anyone playing needs to have some footballing ability, and be fit enough to last a whole hour.  The games also have a competitive edge, but hopefully are usually fun.

Apart from unranked sessions, 11-a-side games and 7-a-side games, I have considered other types of less competitive or physically demanding sessions or games, including:

However, apart from one mixed session, we have not tried these out.

Having other kinds of sessions or activities at regular intervals (once a week, fortnight or month, or even every two months or quarter), depends on broadening the constituency, the application of the “pooling effect”, and numbers.

Like I said recently, there is room on FIOFAFI for all working adults who wish to participate, and do so in the right spirit.  However, often it will take time to develop different kinds of sessions or to find other suitable activity.

It could be an activity that we already have abilities in, or one which we are interested in.   We may be too old to start roof jumping or wall flipping, but there are many other activities that are still available to us.   Apart from yoga, I’m looking at roller blading.

The first “F” in “FIOFAFI” can stand for “Fun”, “Fitness”, “Football” or any other appropriate word beginning with the letter “F”.

The rest of “FIOFAFI” still stands for “Into Our Forties And Fifties, Indefatigably”.

It has never been understood, and should never be understood, as excluding working adults under 40.  Even if you are in your twenties, you’ll be in your forties and fifties some day.

It is about participating in a sustainable manner, so that you can continue with the activities you currently enjoy, or find new activities to enjoy, even as you get older.

On the other hand, I would like to do more to cater more specifically for those of us who are over 40.  Unfortunately, as is the way of the world, apart from any issue of health or fitness, opportunities to continue to participate in activities we enjoyed when we were younger, or to pick up new activities, diminish as we get older.

To start with, from time to time (say once a month), on days where we have two sessions on the same night, one of them could be an over-40s session.  I would imagine that an over-40s session would be less physical and competitive, and more relaxed.

It would be open to everyone who is over 40, and anyone else who would like to play in a more relaxed session.  If the regular session is oversubscribed and the over-40s session is undersubscribed, one way to even the numbers out would be to move the lower ranked players from the regular session to the over-40s session. There could be alternative ways.  This would be for later consideration, if the situation were to arise.

We have 17 participants who are over 40, so an over-40s session may already be viable.  As usual, to canvass views, a poll:

  1. rajiv
    Thu 2 April 2009 at 5:34 pm

    One over-40 regular said in an e-mail to me a couple of weeks ago:

    Over 40’s would be interesting. I would be up for that. Otherwise you could also offer up a less physical-more skill game one night a week with an emphasis on more passing … and just see if this strikes a cord.

    Also interested in the cricket idea but might struggle to fit it in if I am playing football every week.

    I’ll take the idea forward soon.

  2. rajiv
    Fri 3 April 2009 at 9:15 am

    Any session or game where the line ups are not based entirely on the rankings or is played to a different dynamic, is non-regular. So far, we’ve had:

    • Games against other opponents, whether 11-a-side or futsal (5-a-side or 7-a-side).
    • Where three or more players in the session are unranked.
    • The mixed session.

    Some of these can be at least as competitive as our regular sessions. 🙂

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