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Geylang United v DPMM, 12 March 2009, Bedok Stadium

As I said I might, I drove the short distance from home to Bedok Stadium to watch Geylang United take on Brunei’s DPMM in the S. League last night.

The game finished 0-0.  A match report can be found on the S. League website.  I’ll provide an alternative account.

Yasin in agony

Yasin in agony

I managed to find a parking lot about a 100 metres from the stadium. After the game started, I start walking to the far end.  It was easy to walk around the stadium.

As I was reaching the area behind the Geylang United goal, DPMM’s Abdel Hamid Berguiga raced onto a long ball forward.  Geylang United’s goalkeeper Yazid Yasin came rushing out from goal as the ball bounced into the penalty area.  As Yasin punched the ball away, Berguiga caught him with a raised foot.  While Yasin lay in agony on the ground, Berguiga was booked.

The first half was even, with both defences looking secure.  Late in the first half, from a corner, the ball fell to Geylang United’s centre-half Baihakki Khaizan just outside the DPMM  six-yard box, but he struck it like a centre-half, and the ball skewed wide of goal.

The crowd at the far side

The crowd at the far side before they started moaning

DPMM started the second half strongly, and Geylang United were lucky when a header from Berguiga came off the post.  The game then settled into a similar pattern as in the first half, with defences on top.  Towards the end of the game, DPMM looked more likely, and Geylang United were again lucky to survive as the ball hit the cross-bar before being cleared (see 1 min 46 secs of linked video clip).

DPMM looked the stronger side, and must be dark-horses for the S. League title.  The draw takes them up to third.  Geylang United have some good players, but I felt they lacked leadership on the pitch.

It was a physical game.  Unfortunately, apart from 2 or 3 genuine injuries, there were several occasions when players stayed down after a challenge, resulting in unnecessarily long stoppages.  There was 2 minutes of injury time in the first half and 3 minutes in the second.  I would have thought the number of stoppages, and their duration, would have merited injury time twice as long.

Towards the end, the crowd started moaning the lack of goals, but as goalless draws go, it wasn’t too bad a game.  A physical game still provides a fair amount of action, even if it isn’t goalmouth action.

In fact, there were probably more comic moments than saves made by the DPMM keeper, in particular:

  • Early in the first half, as a player from each side chased the ball towards the left corner from the Geylang United goal, the ball ran ahead and looked like it was going to go out.  However, it struck the corner flag and stayed in.  The ball boy, in anticipation of the ball going out, threw a ball onto the pitch.  The linesman, confused by two balls on the pitch, flagged.  The referee, who had a decent game, resumed the game with a drop ball.  The action just before this incident can be found here.
  • Early in the second half, soon after DPMM had hit the post, Yasin’s drop kick struck his own player, who was pole-axed.  As the ball rebounded and ran towards the goal-line for a corner to DPMM, a defender managed to clear the ball for a throw-in to DPMM instead.  The incident is captured early in the clip below.

The clip starts with footage of the DPMM fans.

A fourth clip of the match can be found here.  Sorry for the grainy quality of the clips, but the distance and lighting made for poor recording without proper video equipment.

At the end of the game, the announcement came across that Woodlands Wellington had lost 0-3 to Albirex Niigata at Jurong East Stadium – Albirex’s first points of the season.  After 4 games, Woodlands Wellington are still without a win.

The S. League may not be the greatest fare, but at $5 for a ticket, last night was good value for money.  I’ll definitely go to watch Geylang United at Bedok Stadium again.  Even if the game isn’t much of a spectacle, I can also get a bit of exercise walking round the stadium, while watching the football.

In any event, going to watch Geylang United play Tampines Rovers at Jalan Besar Stadium next Friday night is still on.

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