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Wednesday Night At The Cage: 4 March 2009

With two fixtures happening last night, the Wednesday night regulars opted for the cage and a real up and down game ensued. After a pre-match floss by Dirk and long warm up for Philipp, Lukas and Andy the game kicked off with Blacks bombarding the Whites goal mouth and it wasn’t long before they were two up.

This seemed to light the blue-touch paper for the Whites and suddenly the Blacks were under rapid fire from all angles. A great cross from Philipp back-heeled by Julius into the net started a long period of front-line action. Goals from Andy & Lukas followed and it was soon 5-2 to Whites. Crosses came flying in for Philipp to head in but his forehead wasn’t connecting with the ball as well as his right foot.

The Whites went 8-4 up and the game looked well beyond Blacks but their fighting spirit shone through. Rajiv, Chris, Luke and Cage Player took a grip of the game and started to put the ball in the back of the Whites’ net. Dirk was outstanding in goal, and was stopping as many shots as his strikers were scoring.

It was 9-9 with 4 minutes to go and then a great goal by Julius looked to have settled the match. There was barely enough time left to blow a whistle when Chris connected with a great pass from Cage Player and volleyed the ball into the bottom corner to level the match 10-10.

A very hot and sweaty game at the cage played in the usual Wednesday night way topped off with that bag of German beers.

  • Whites: Philipp, Lukas, Andy N, Robin, Julius
  • Blacks: Dirk, Rajiv, Luke, player from The Cage, Chris
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  1. rajiv
    Thu 5 March 2009 at 10:21 am

    Thanks Andy. Unless you have something more colourful for the title, I’ll stick with the formulation [Day] Night At [Venue]: Date. 🙂

    By the way, the player from The Cage was Farid.

    Another 10-10 scoreline, same as Monday!

  1. Sun 8 March 2009 at 11:01 pm

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