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Tuesday Night At The Cage: 24 February 2009

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We lined up 4 v 4 at The Cage last night as follows:

  • Reds: Murray, Rajiv, Edardy, Melvin
  • Whites: Adam, Bobby, Yuchi, Alan

Whites won 8-6. It was a good game, with a lot of good passing moves.

With 4 v 4, we played to the side lines, and scoring restricted to within the opposing half, with goalkeepers.

It was 1-1 after about 15 minutes, before Whites pulled away 6-1. Reds pulled the score back to 3-6 before Whites went further ahead, 8-4. Reds were making a comeback when the game ended.

Like last week, the difference between the sides was in the finishing. Reds conceded three soft goals, and missed several more at the other. Alan again showed how to finish.

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