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Week Ending 8 February 2009

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Each of this week’s sessions saw one side taking a big lead at some stage of the game.  Apart from Monday’s game, where the other side came back to level the final score, the side that pulled ahead went on to win by a large margin.

Session Line ups Result Player Of The Session
Monday night at The Cage
* Blacks:  Boris, John S, Rajseran, Nick, Luke
* Reds:  Clive, Mark L, Shankar, Sushil, Chris
Reds 8 Blacks 8 Clive & Nick (2 votes out of 8 each)
Tuesday night at The Cage
* Reds:  Reza, Yuchi, Joel, Andy P, Melvin
* Whites:  Bobby, Adam, John J, Wade, Geoff
Whites 15 Reds 5 Bobby, Geoff & John J (1/3 each)
Wednesday night at The Cage
* Blacks:  Boris, Philipp, Andy N, Wade, Lukas
* Whites:  Gilbert, Dirk, Edardy, Luke, Chris
Blacks 18 Whites 4 Andy N & Boris (2/7 each)
Thursday night at East Coast * Blacks: Murray, Nick, Damian, Sze Kuan, Kevin
* Reds: Shankar, Joel, John J, Chris, Duncan
Blacks 20 Reds 10 Kevin (3/9)

Having a number of newer players coming through the rankings has added greater randomness to the line ups for each session, which has translated into some amount uncertainty, as players get to know each other, and volatility in the scorelines.

Of course, it always helps to have someone like Clive or Andy M on your side, who, when the chips are down, will galvanise the side to get back into the game.

The more you play, the more you will see the importance of positional play and passing in our sessions.

Even more important is not to lose your heads when you fall behind and to push forward blindly without regard for defence.  The other side is likely to be able to soak up any pressure and extend their lead on the break.  We’ve had some good comebacks, always premised on keeping the defence tight even when you fall behind.  You just need to keep heart until the end of the game.

Of course, everyone has good games and bad games – it takes a lot of ability to put the bad games behind you and look forward to having more good games in the future.

In other news, Liverpool go back to the top of the Premier League with another late winner, while Aston Villa move into third.

Every time Liverpool and Manchester United have finished as the top two in England, Liverpool won the title, while every time Manchester United and Aston Villa have finished as the top two, Manchester United have finished champions.

“So what?” I’ve been asked when I’ve posted this elsewhere.  Liverpool to finish third this season?

Feel free to discuss other sports action, activity-based events over the past week.  Even Prodigy.

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  1. Sun 8 February 2009 at 11:33 am

    […] There’s no doubt we’ve had some one-sided scorelines since I started keeping records on 1 September 2008.


    And at the risk of repeating myself (which I do often enough!), of course, everyone has good games and bad games. […]

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