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Confirming For Regular Sessions

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Organising the regular sessions and maintaining the blog in themselves are not particularly time consuming for me.  However, the following  tend to take up a disproportionate amount of time:

  • Finding ways of moving participants from oversubscribed sessions to those which are under-subscribed;
  • Trying to fill under-subscribed sessions; or
  • Replacing late withdrawals.

I thought I’d highlight some of the considerations relating to confirming for regular sessions which I had raised a couple of weeks ago:

  • If you wish to play on a specific day in the following week, confirm early. If you are happy to play on any day, feel free to leave it for later. In any event, please try to confirm on the blog at least one or two days before the session.
  • If you can make more than one session, but prefer to play only one or not to play all of them, specify the one(s) you prefer, and state which other ones you can make, so that if any of the one(s) you prefer to play are full or cancelled, I’ll try to slot you into any other session you can make, applying the priority system where appropriate.
  • It makes sense to confirm for a session that still has places available, rather than one that is already full.  However, even if a session is full, places do sometimes become available on or before the day of the session itself, so if you can only play on that day (or prefer to play on that day), please confirm for that session as usual, and I’ll let you know if a place becomes available.  Until a place becomes available, I’ll put you down as being “In reserve”.

Please remember that all confirmations and subsequent withdrawals should ordinarily be on the blog.  If you can’t access the blog from work, please do so from outside of work or home.

If having confirmed or stated a desire to play in a session, you subsequently find you cannot make the session, please remember to withdraw on the blog, even if the last you checked, you were only “in reserve”.  Last Thursday, two players forgot they were down for the session at Sports Planet that night, which meant I had to find two replacements over the course of the day.   Finding one replacement is additional work for me – finding two replacements more than doubles the additional work.  As we have a sufficiently large pool, I managed to find two replacements, but I wouldn’t want it to be a regular occurrence.

Late withdrawals are also trickier for Sports Planet than The Cage, as the last option of a member of staff coming in as a replacement is not readily available.

If you keep a diary for meetings and other engagements, please add the sessions you confirm for in your diary.  If you subsequently find you cannot make it, please remember to withdraw as soon as you become aware of this.  If you don’t keep a diary, I trust you have a good memory!

E-mails, SMSs, phone calls and conversations in person are more likely to be used in the following circumstances:

  • For newer participants who are not yet familiar with confirming on the blog, I will accept confirmation by e-mail, SMS, telephone or in person, and put it up for them on the blog.
  • If a particular session looks like being undersubscribed, I might use e-mail or SMS to try to canvass a few more participants for that session, especially amongst those who haven’t played for a while or who I know sometimes play on that day or that venue.
  • If a particular session is oversubscribed while others are undersubscribed, I may use e-mail or SMS to see if anyone can switch from the oversubsscribed session to the undersubscribed session.
  • If having confirmed for a session, a participant withdraws within 24 hours of the session itself, please SMS me in addition to commenting  on the blog.
  • To fill a place that is still available on the day of the session itself or to find a replacement for a late withdrawal.
  • If you don’t have access to the internet for a significant period of time, for example, when travelling.
  • If there are material changes to the session that should be notified to those playing.
  • For those who might withdraw at a late stage, forget they have confirmed for a particular session, or be late, to remind them that they are playing a particular session, or not to be late for the session.
  • For matters that are sensitive or should be treated as confidential.

If a session is not full, but you indicate an interest in playing in that session that is equivocal, I will put you down as “Contingent”.   Being “contingent” for a session gives you no priority – all it means is that if there are places to fill on the day of the session itself, I’ll contact you first to see if you’d like to have the place.

I know it all looks rather long-winded but if you go through it, it’s rather simple, and just common sense.   Anyway, I worked as a lawyer for long enough.

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  1. Manuel
    Mon 9 February 2009 at 2:29 pm

    @ Jiv- Thanks for the effort in organising and ‘re-organising’ the sessions. i appreciate this effort that you make, and also for the logistics involved in booking etc. i cant afford to pay you in anyway… Hee Hee, so a word of thanks in advance for the future, and note of appreciation for all you’ve done in the past.

  2. rajiv
    Mon 9 February 2009 at 2:38 pm

    You could always be added as an author. 🙂

  3. Boris
    Mon 9 February 2009 at 2:42 pm

    HaHa.. Good one..

  4. Manuel
    Mon 9 February 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Oh Oh….

  5. Kevin
    Mon 9 February 2009 at 3:01 pm

    Manuel doesn’t need to be an author on this blog. He already writes on his own website – http://www.stirshit.com

    If your browser is unable to open his website, do ask him for the password.

  6. rajiv
    Wed 18 February 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Don’t forget that next week’s schedule will be out tomorrow morning.

    If you would like to play particular session(s), please put yourself down as either “confirmed” or “contingent” for the session(s) you want:

    • “Confirmed” means you will play that session unless something unforeseen comes up before then, in which case, please “withdraw” as soon as you find out you can’t make the session. If the 10 places are already taken, I’ll put you down as being “in reserve”. If any of the 10 withdraw, you’re automatically in.

    “Contingent” means you would like to play in that session, but can’t confirm as yet. It gives you no priority. All it means is that if we’re short of 10 players closer to the day/time of the session, I will contact you first to see if you would like to play, before I contact anyone else. If you subsequently put yourself down as “confirmed” for the session, you’ll be treated as having confirmed at that time.

    Please don’t put yourself down as “in reserve”, as I won’t know if you’re confirmed (in which case I will put you in automatically if any place becomes available subsequently) or contingent (I’ll wait for you to confirm or check with you before putting you in). When confirming for a session, you can of course state that you’d be prepared to give up your place if the session becomes oversubscribed.

    If you’re contingent, you don’t need to withdraw if you subsequently can’t make it.

    If you’re in reserve, and subsequently find you can’t make it, please withdraw, as I’d otherwise put you in if a place becomes available.

    If you’re withdrawing less than 24 hours before a session, please SMS me in addition to commenting on the blog.

    In addition to any session you confirm for, please consider, and if possible, state, which other session you’d like to play if the session you choose is cancelled for any reason. I’ll treat you as “contingent” for the back-up session, but if you later become confirmed for that session because the preferred session is cancelled, I’ll treat your confirmation for the back-up session as having been made when you first put the session down as “back up”.

    • rajiv
      Mon 2 March 2009 at 11:21 am

      If you’ll play if a session goes on, you’re “confirmed”, not contingent (even if the session itself may not be confirmed yet).

      “Contingent” (or “tentative”) means you’d like to play a session, but can’t confirm yet.

      However, “contingent” has been used several times now to mean you’ll play if the session goes on, which confuses matters.

      To make things simpler, use any words you like to say either you’re definitely in or you’d like to be in but can’t confirm yet, other than “in reserve”.

      I’m keeping “in reserve” to mean you want to play, but the session is full, so you’ll only get in if someone withdraws.

      I suppose some of you use “in reserve” to mean you’ll play if we’re short, but if anyone else wants to play, they can have priority.

      I think we need four different words now. 🙂

      I’m not insisting anyone use any particular word. I’m just looking for short and convenient formulations that don’t cause any confusion.

  7. rajiv
    Mon 27 April 2009 at 10:48 am

    I think I’ll stick with “wait-listed” for anyone who wants to play a particular session which is currently full.

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