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FIOFAFI – Broadening The Constituency

Wed 21 January 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The blog was first set up in December 2007.

When I first drafted the “About FIOFAFI” page on 26 January 2008, the first paragraph read:

From the old RJC at Mount Sinai to Bukit Timah campus (or anywhere else a court or pitch is available!) – regular Sunday morning football from the late 1980s, through the 1990s and into the 21st century, to regular weekday night football on Mondays (or any other day or time of the week as long as we have enough players).

That has remained on the “About FIOFAFI” page until today.

While we now have futsal every night from Monday to Thursday each week, and sometimes on Sunday evenings as well, our range of activities has broadened since January 2008:

  • We had our third 11-a-side game on Saturday, thanks to Andy M.
  • We had our first mixed session last Wednesday.

FIOFAFI is now broader – futsal, football and other sporting or physical activity for working adults.

It was interesting to read Franco and Yaseen discussing biking yesterday – it only goes to show that the range of possible activities is unlimited.

Golf and triathlon have also come up a few times.

I will organize activities for which I see a clear demand, and in which I have an interest in organizing.  Any increase in the range of activities in this regard will be incremental, and demand-driven.

As I’ve said before, anyone interested in any other activity is free to organize it through the blog or seek other participants on the blog. It could range from 11-a-side games, to golf trips, to just seeking someone to play tennis, squash or badminton with.

If anyone who has been added as an author wishes to organize a group activity through the blog, it can be done as a new post.

If at first you don’t get much response, don’t lose heart – sometimes, it takes people a while to get their heads round participating in a new activity, or more time is needed for the pool to grow to include people interested in that activity.  Like I’ve said before, everyone is welcome.

For everyone else looking for something simpler, perhaps someone to play tennis, squash, badminton or golf with, I’ll put up a monthly “Other Activities” post for you to add your comments.

I’ll also add an “Other Activities” page summarizing the significant other activities currently on offer.

One other activity I will be looking at next month is arranging to watch an S. League game – once the 2009 fixtures are out.   We could continue this once a month on a Friday evening until the end of the season.

The first “F” in “FIOFAFI” can be any word beginning with “F” that you like – Football, Fitness (first suggested by Reza, and from whom the idea of an alternative “F” word first stemmed), Forward, Fresh, Fun, Funny, Frivolous, Fiery, Fanatical.

Hopefully not “Fussy”, “Foolish” or any other “F” word of that ilk.

  1. rajiv
    Wed 21 January 2009 at 9:34 am

    Consequential and other changes to the blog are detailed here.

  2. Manuel
    Fri 23 January 2009 at 2:41 pm

    For those interested, i have a little group of friends that cycle (road bikes) together on Saturday mornings. Meet time is 730 AM. And the name of the group is ‘The Breakfast Club’ so you can figure out where our priorities are… Ride speed is a measly 28 KMPH average… which also means that we are very slow.. So if you are looking for a casual group to start out with, you can contact me.

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