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Our First Ever Mixed Session

Thu 15 January 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

We had our first mixed session at The Cage last night.  The sides lined up as follows:

  • Whites:  Dirk, Bobby, Rajseran, Sushil, May
  • Blacks:  Sam, Rajiv, Philipp, Edardy

We played without goalkeepers, and with both sides restricted to scoring from within the D.  We also played off the side walls.

Although May took a while to find her feet, Whites led from beginning to end.

With Blacks knocking the ball around well for the first half hour, there were not more than 2 goals in it.

However, Whites realized that all they needed to do was defend around their D.  As Blacks tried to get through the Whites defence, they often had all 4 players up, which left them exposed to quick counter attacks. Blacks passing started to fall apart as they fell further behind.

Further, Philipp had a bout of cramps, so Bobby swapped sides with Philipp.

As Blacks passing further fell apart, they kept losing the ball to Whites, who scored several goals on the break to win 16-8 in the end. May managed to grab a couple of goals 🙂 .

As this was an unranked game, there is no poll.

4 v 4 (all male), or 5 v 5 with 1 or 2 female players in each side, will work with both sides restricted to scoring from within the D. For 4 v 4, we’d need to play to the side lines to slow the game down and to pace ourselves.

All male 4 v 4 would work at The Cage, as the pitches are smaller. Mixes session 5 v 5’s would work better at Sports Planet @ East Coast, Turf City or FICO as the Ds are bigger.

When there is greater space, both sides need to concentrate more on keeping their shape, and passing the ball well. More passing and less dribbling also forces your opponents to chase, and tire faster.

May is away next week, and as she is our only female player, we won’t have a mixed session. If May is still interested, and we can find another female player, I might try a mixed session again the week after.

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  1. rajseran
    Thu 15 January 2009 at 11:29 am

    I believe MAY will be joining another ALL GALS GROUP once the Bukit Timah venue is open for play. We probably can ask her to grab couple of gals from there to join us in future .

  2. may
    Fri 16 January 2009 at 9:27 am

    Hey guys, thanks for organising this mixed session. It was very enjoyable, hope the rest of you enjoyed as well. Also very nice of the team, especially Dirk, Rajseran and Sunsil (forgot how to spell your name, the guy whose eye got poked :P) for encouraging me to score. Black team passed the ball very well and a goal scored by Philip, where he slided in to reach a lightning quick pass from the side, managed to connect to the ball and flew into the top corner of the goal! He was still on the floor with his leg sticking out a few moments after..Hmm maybe that’s why he got the cramps?
    Yap I will be joining the ladies team as soon as the pitch is ready in feb, won’t be bothering rajiv with any more mixed sessions 🙂

  3. rajiv
    Fri 16 January 2009 at 9:56 am

    Mixed sessions are no trouble May, just better and easier if we have at least 1 female player on each team.

    You mentioned the women’s group in your earlier e-mail to me too. Is this the group on Facebook I referred you to last month?

    If you and any other female player from that group would at any time in the future like to have a more social, mixed game with us, feel free to come along to the blog and just say so.

    And anyone’s welcome to comment on the blog, even if they don’t play with us, regularly or at all. The blog is for anyone interested in football or other healthy activity.

    FIOFAFI is for all adults with the right attitude!

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