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Week Review: 11 January 2009

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We were back to four sessions in the week just passed:

Session Line ups Result Player Of The Session
Monday night at The Cage
* Blacks: Murray, Damian, Boon Yick, Luke, Scott
* Reds: Rajiv, Shankar, John J, Duncan, Nick
Reds 11 Blacks 7 Shankar (2 votes out of 5)
Tuesday night at The Cage * Reds: Gilbert, Steve F, Bobby, Benjamin, Melvin
* Whites: Andy M, Boris, Yuchi, Rajseran, Vincent
Whites 17 Reds 7 Yuchi (2/5)
Wednesday night at The Cage * Blacks: Boris, Reza, John S, Andy P, John J
* Whites: Bobby, Philipp, Edardy, Sushil, Bret
Blacks 14 Whites 4 Boris (4/7)
Thursday night at East Coast * Blacks: Andy M, Bobby, Rajiv, Sushil, Rajseran
* Reds: Murray, Boris, Shankar, Edardy, Nick
Blacks 8 Reds 8 Rajseran & Boris (3/7 each)

Wednesday’s session saw the highest voting, with the 7 votes split between just two players – 4 for Boris and 3 for John J.

With Britain frozen over, many league and cup games were postponed over the course of the week.

Since we are currently only playing on covered pitches, regular FIOFAFI sessions don’t get cancelled due to the weather.

In other news:

  • Liverpool fail to score against Stoke City again.
  • Tottenham win 4-1 against Burnley in the home leg of the League Cup semi-finals.   Manchester United lose 0-1 to Derby County in the away leg of the League Cup semi-finals.  The return legs are on 20 and 21 January 2009.
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  1. rajiv
    Mon 12 January 2009 at 9:01 am

    Bret, anything to say about last night’s result? Instead of e-mailing me to ask me to post a link on the blog, if you have the time, you can always add a new post, commenting on the article in the context of last night’s result. It might make for a more interesting read then.

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