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Session Report: 11 September 2008

Fri 12 September 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

We lined up as follows at Sports Planet @ East Coast last night:

  • Reds: Bobby, Joe, Ladi, Rajesh, Kin
  • Lights: Andy M, Murray, Shankar, Benjamin, me

Apart from the fact that Kin was “forced” to wear a Manchester United top, I’ll leave it to Murray to report on events on the pitch.  His account will appear below when it’s done.

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  1. Murray
    Sat 13 September 2008 at 7:26 pm

    With the new restriction to 5-a-side at the East coast the game started brightly, with players allowed to take more than one touch before the ball being instantaneously whipped away from their feet.

    Newcomer Ladi gave a solid display and lashed in a few shots on the turn from short range as Reds eased into the lead before the half hour mark.

    Lights were worn down quickly by the incessant danger and running of Joe, and a string of hapless blunders and soft goals saw Reds race into the lead 8-3 extending this into a comfortable cushion that never looked like being reduced.

    An instant reaction header on the rebound from Shankar brought Lights back into the game, as they passed the ball around confidently in their own half without creating many clear chances.

    Kin being forced to wear a United top took this punishment out by inflicting studs to the toe of everyone of the Lights team and untiringly covering every inch of the pitch for the whole 60 minutes – as if Roy Keane had been reborn/unleashed with a vengeance at Sports Planet.

    Rajesh, Kin and Joe played well as a unit constantly on the move and looking dangerous, Lights were forced to rely on Shankars last minute sliding tackles as their fitness proved suspect and they overcommitted themselves up front again and again.

    Murray turned up with two left feet and looked particularly inept, Andy M tried to impose some sort of discipline to the Light team in vain as their marking and movement was poor although Rajiv stepped up a gear and had a few good mazy runs down the left flank reducing the deficit a little as the game wore on.

    Later in the game Ladi, hit a ferocious toe punt from the halfway line which hit Ben full in the face apart from a few minutes of mild concussion this seemed to wake him up and give him a new lease of life.

    Ben with his head down and with his mind set on pegging a few back single-handedly streamed forward peppering shots into the opposition half scoring some good goals in the process, but Reds were never in danger – even though Ladi succumbed to the heat and had to play the last 15 minutes in goal – they finished deserved winners 19-13.

  2. rajiv
    Sun 14 September 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Thanks Murray.

    I thought Lights started well. With Ladi making his “debut”, Reds took a while to get going, but once they did, they were generally faster and stronger. Lights actually led for much of a low-scoring first 15 minutes or so. We just seemed to fatigue even before the middle of the session, much earlier than usual.

    Benjamin had a late dinner to blame, while I had sort of an excuse – I had played the night before.

    Shankar and Benjamin both looked exhausted by the middle of the game, although, as you point out, Benjamin had a bit of a second wind towards the end of the session. Shankar had also played earlier in the week, but on Monday, while Benjamin had played on Tuesday, but Joe and Bobby had both played on Tuesday, and both had very good games on Thursday.

    Usually, one-sided score lines do not reflect how even the game had actually been, but this time, the one-sided score line did not reflect how one-sided the game became in the second half hour.

    Andy M had a very solid game overall, but I think we were all looking to you, Murray, to carry the side, and you have to admit you had a bit of an off-day on Thursday.

    You’ve made up for that with good reporting form.

    This was also Joe’s last game before he leaves tomorrow for Reading in the UK to do a post-graduate course. He certainly made it a point to leave on a high.

    He suggested that he could do match reports for any games he goes to see while in the UK. We look forward to it. Since it was Joe’s Manchester United’s jersey that Kin used, we might expect at least one of Joe’s reports to be on a Manchester United game.

  3. dennis
    Tue 16 September 2008 at 12:24 pm

    surely Kin must have been more than happy to wear a United jersey! he is afterall a man u fan – closet or otherwise!! glad you guys had a good one – I may try to make it back in Oct sometime to perhaps join up for a monday night game at bukit timah – rajiv – hope to catch up with you and others there – anyone knows whatever happened to clive? our resident english man – cum libero cum midfield dynamo – he doesnt seem to be hooking up for games anymore?

  4. rajiv
    Tue 16 September 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Well Dennis, Clive played as recently as last Monday.

    It’s not the first time this year that enquiry has been made about the attendance of “our resident english man” at Bukit Timah campus.

    To be fair, apart from the times he has been away, Clive has been reasonably regular.

    We’ll most likely be playing at The Premier Pitch, Turf City (at the old Turf Club) in October, so you can try it out if you join us there.

  1. Mon 15 September 2008 at 9:00 am

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