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Session Report: 27 August 2008

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We finally settled on the following line ups last night at The Cage.

  • Dark tops: Sushil, Rajesh, Gilbert, John, Reza, Llion
  • Red tops: Bobby, Shankar, Benjamin, Andy N, Joe, me

Joe called me an hour before the session to ask if anyone had dropped out, as he could come along with Bobby. With my bruised and swollen shin, I figured he could take my place, so I asked him to come along.

However, as Ben was late, I started in his place with Reds. Llion, who was supposed to be with Reds, came in a blue top, so he had to borrow Shankar’s spare red top. Given the difference in their sizes, Llion was “swimming” in the spare top.

When Ben arrived, he took my place, but a short while later, Sam pulled out with indigestion, having had a late dinner. Rather than I going back in with Darks, Llion took off the red top (in which he was clearly uncomfortable), and switched to Darks, and I came back in for Reds.

Enough for the introductions. John has kindly agreed to do the session report for last night, which should appear below once it’s done.

Again, if you would like the number of goals you scored to be taken into account in Tom’s goal chart, submit it as a comment below. I didn’t score any.

Also feel free to catalogue any injuries you may have picked up last night.

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  1. John
    Thu 28 August 2008 at 10:30 am

    Match report 27 August

    Just like Mo Johnston turning out for Rangers after spending a career up front for Celtic, or Denis Law relegating Man U with a back heel for City, Llion was greeted with mixed emotions from the players on each side when he climbed out of Shankar’s immense red shirt and defected to the dark side. Unfortunately for reds, it seemed to make all the difference, with Llion scoring heavily in a game where the 18-3 scoreline flattered the darks.

    Reds were full of skilful touches, with good running and weaving between the tackles from Benjamin, Bobby and Joe and strength on the ball and in the tackle demonstrated by Andy, Shankar and Rajiv (Shankar was himself on the receiving end of a couple of late ones from the writer – sorry Shankar). Ultimately, however, the tireless running of the darks meant that they found more space and hence more goals. The writer’s goal hanging antics netted 4 after fatigue had started to set in and Sushil scored a few in a much more cultured fashion. Gilbert and Rajesh were the defensive rocks, with occasional jinking runs forward and Reza was the midfield playmaker.

    It was actually a much more even game than the score suggests, the difference being the dark defenders Gilbert and Rajesh.


  2. rajiv
    Thu 28 August 2008 at 11:57 am

    Thanks John. If you (or anyone else for that matter) would like to write reports or other feature posts from time to time, it would be good if you opened a WordPress account.

    I think the biggest problem Reds had was they kept losing possession. We had players – Joe, Andy, Ben and Shankar in particular – capable of getting past their opponents – but after beating one or two players, we’d lose the ball when they tried to beat the third.

    Probably due to our increasing fitness, our 6 v 6 games have become faster and more physical, which means less time and space on the ball, and which makes it more important to bring the ball under control quickly and lay it off sooner to a team-mate.

    Too much time spent running with the ball also leads more quickly to fatigue, especially when all that running ends up with the ball being lost and having to race back into defence.

    That’s what Darks did a lot better – even when their players beat one or two of us, they’d lay it off quickly to a team-mate.

    Well, we lose and learn.

  3. Joeloudspeaker
    Thu 28 August 2008 at 5:37 pm

    fun game, but not a very fun score.

    hard to explain it, but I’ll give it a go too.

    Nearly all of the darks’ goals were actually scored from rebounds in the reds’ “D”. Of course it means that nearly every other part of the game was balanced. But point is, the darks kept being able to get right up in front of the reds goal for easy finishes.

    I played maybe 5 minutes in goal. Others, like Bobby, Shankar and Andy played much more – KUDOS & THANKS to them. they made great saves and tackles, only for the spill to be knocked in because the darks were quicker at poaching than we were at clearing lines.

    I generally hate to lose, but this is one was actually not so bad even with such a scoreline.

    Thanks lads!

  1. Wed 11 March 2009 at 5:27 pm

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