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Participation and Sustainability

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There are several of us who having been regular through June and July, or even earlier, have hardly played in August. There are several others who having informed me that they would like to participate and have asked to be added to the Contact List, who have only played once or twice since the start of the year, or not at all.

As I’ve said before, I understand that most of us have other commitments, and FIOFAFI is available as and when you are able to and want to play. There is no obligation to me or to anyone else to play regularly, whether just once a week, or even from time to time. I know Bret has rock-climbing and Geoff has yoga on Thursdays as part of their regular weekly schedules.

Some of us may pick up injuries from FIOFAFI sessions or other physical activity, or may be unwell, and should recover properly before returning to play. I also understand that several of you have been away at various times in August.

On the other hand, if you haven’t been playing because you’re feeling lazy, or are ordinarily unable to set aside time for regular exercise, or the initial buzz of playing with us has worn off, then you should give some consideration to why you wanted to play in the first place.

As has been quoted elsewhere on the blog, the American College of Sports Medicine and American Heart Association recommend that “all healthy adults ages 18 to 65 years need moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity for at least 30 minutes on five days each week or vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity for at least 20 minutes on three days each week”.

If you participate in other types of physical activity, or even play football with other groups, that’s fine. Even I try to play other sport or partake of other forms of physical activity, and I might play with other groups from time to time.

Jogging or working out in a gym are common forms of regular exercise, but if you find those activities tedious or repetitive, FIOFAFI sessions are a more enjoyable alternative.

Fixed line ups, colours, keeping score, and session reports are meant to add a competitive edge to our sessions and are intended to add to the enjoyment. Even Tom working out individual win-loss ratios should be seen as being just for fun.

On the other hand, our sessions shouldn’t be so competitive and physical that we risk injury, either by the force of contact in an overly physical game, or by over-extending ourselves, and thus preventing us from playing for some time after that.

Small injuries from time to time are part of the game, but we should aim to avoid injuries that keep us out of the game for any length of time.

There is no prize for winning each session, or for having a high individual win-loss ratio. If you find FIOFAFI sessions an enjoyable way of keeping fit and healthy, the only real winner is yourself.

However, to reap that benefit, playing should be regular and sustainable.

Not all of us are Sushil, capable of playing 3 or even 4 times a week. However, if football is to be part of a regular exercise regime (which may well include other sports or forms of exercise), then, make it a point to play at least once a week, subject of course to contingencies such as travel or other work or family commitments.

Apart from those on the Contact List who are currently overseas, if you haven’t been playing regularly or at all, ask yourself why you want to receive regular e-mail updates.

If you just enjoy reading the blog, or just want to play once in a while (even once in a long while!), that’s fine too.

For me, it’s simple enough – if more people want to play, I’ll increase the number of sessions, if fewer people want to play, I’ll reduce the number of sessions.

But do ask yourself why you are on the Contact List, and in particular, do ask yourself if you are getting enough regular exercise. If you’re not, come along soon to a session, and we’ll see you there!

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