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31 March, 7 & 10 April 2008

We had 14 on Monday, some old faces returning at Bukit Timah, and some new faces too.

It was light jerseys (plus 1 red) against dark jerseys (plus 1 blue) – Andrew P, Nicholas, Boon Yick, Gilbert, Sze Kuan, Clement and me v Mark L, Reza, John S, Swee Hoe, Bret, Collin and Tim C.

The game started at a frenetic pace on Court No. 1, with storming runs from Clement (the old face returning), and Reza, John S and Bret (the new faces) showing some nice touches.

The pace eased somewhat when we moved to Court No. 2 for the second hour. As fatigue set in towards the end, the game opened up, but several chances were squandered by both sides. The game finished 10-7 to the light jerseys.

Next week’s Monday game (7 April 2008 ) is at Bukit Timah campus again, 8 to 9 pm on Court No. 1 and 9 to 10 pm on Court No. 2.

Confirmations for next Monday by this Friday please.

I am aiming to have a second session on either Wednesday or Thursday at either The Cage at Kallang or Sports Planet at East Coast. However, to get the 8 to 9 pm slot, you have to book several months in advance for Sports Planet and at least a month in advance for the Cage.

I have a 9 to 10 pm slot at East Coast for the next two Thursdays (10 and 17 April 2008). We will go ahead if I have at least 10 confirmations by the Wednesday of each week.


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  1. mark leong
    Wed 2 April 2008 at 3:32 pm

    On the sideline, if we want to play a friendly on a Sat afternoon with a lousy church team, prob in Tampines 3-5 PM let me know. i can work it out. this is the same church team i play with.. really lousy one… you just need to be able to get 11 players… hee hee, and share some cost for field etc.

  1. Sun 20 September 2009 at 11:27 pm

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