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4, 11 & 12 February 2008

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We had 7 v 8 yesterday – Cahir, Clive, Dennis, Mark L, Nicolas, Teik, me (7) v Collin, James, Mark C, Tom, Bernard, Roy, Clement & Yee Kwang (8).

Clement, good to see you again after a long absence.

I collected $2 each from most of you. There was a small surplus which will be used to cover part of the remaining shortfall from a few weeks ago at Futsal @ East Coast.

The line-ups were somewhat one-sided, especially with Clive not at his commanding best in midfield and the finishing of Cahir and Nicolas off their lethal best. Perhaps the switch back to the hard court at Bukit Timah required some adjustment. Dennis was at his strenuous best, both vocally and physically – with charging runs and no-holds barred tackles (although his clarion call to take out the legs of the opposing players was not always appreciated – we need our players to be fit for the following week Dennis!).

Teik’s young son made a guest appearance, and with Teik, Tom and Collin taking turns to keep an eye on him, there was some amount of re-shuffling of line-ups in the second hour.

Next week

Next week is Dennis’ last game before he leaves for Hong Kong, so all old-timers, make it a point to either come down for the game on Monday, or pop by for drinks on Tuesday. Don’t forget, Dennis kept this going for several years, until his move to Hong Kong came up late last year.

Next week (Monday 11 Feb) is at Bukit Timah campus again.

Confirmed so far are: Mark L, Nicolas, Channou, Collin, Mark C, Andrew P, Gilbert, Tom, Nam, Clive and Glenn.

Dennis, Teik, I presume you’re in. Anyone else?

For drinks on Tuesday, lets meet for beer/dinner/snacks etc at the beer garden at the corner of Lau Pat Sat at 7 pm. From there, if we are so minded, we can move to Harry’s @ Raffles Quay on Robinson Road. Let me know if you can make it on Tuesday. It’s free and easy, so come by for a while if you can.


Like I’ve said before, subject to availability of a pitch or court, the aim is to have one session at Bukit Timah campus and another at Futsal @ East Coast each week. Mondays are very popular, not just with our group, but with every group, so facilities are at a premium for Monday. It makes sense to have the second session later in the week, so that anyone who wants to play twice can make both sessions. Thursdays may well be the best option.

However, the first question is where the Monday session should be. Wherever the Monday session is, the second session will be at the other venue.

So I’ll deal with the first question first: Should the Monday session be at Bukit Timah campus or Futsal @ East Coast? I’ve set up a poll at: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/323610

At present, both Bukit Timah campus and Futsal @ East Coast are available for 18 February 2008. If it is to be Bukit Timah campus, I will need to book it very soon. The poll will decide where we play on 18 Feb, so vote early!

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  1. dennis
    Wed 6 February 2008 at 10:25 am

    Well to be fair, Clive was playing at the rear – he was trying his darnest best but given the team was dreadfully one sided – plus Tom was quite shamefully asking for another player when his team was clearly superior – it was a good fight –

    As you know, when the odds are down – you have to play rough and tough – (not dirty) I am never dirty – ha! – as you can see others cant appreciate that – any rallying call to chop off legs is intended more to frighten the opponents like to represent actual reality – however the other team clearly cant appreciate that – as Tom was on 1 occasion kicking (Nicholai’s I think) legs – probably a reaction to my late tackle on Bert – late but clean – as Bert came out relatively unscathed – Bert, honestly if you haven’t realized by now – that;s what happens when you hold the ball too long –

    Well you need a certain level of panache to play rough but fair, some players just cant – as demonstrated by Tom’s team – not sure if it was Roy or Bernard – who unceremoniously took my legs under me when I was galloping away with the ball – now I have two swollen knee caps – and blotched wounds – fortunately I gave face to Mark cos its his friend and a new comer – cos although he apologized – it was a shite of a tackle and I would have taken him out I guarantee you – Dirty Den style – ha!

    Teik was disappointing – his excuse being he was ill – Nicholai’s finish was not at his best – and really with the shortage of numbers, we could really do with better form from our forward line – cos our rearguard of Mark and Clive was overworked and overstretched – when you have mobility of Mark, Bernard, roy, and collin – Tom is a decent defender even if his attacking skills suck – so you basically had not much of a chance when its 6 v 7 –

    Anyway, next Monday would be my testimonial – it has been a good 5-6 years playing with many of you – so many have come and gone – I have had so many run ins with some of you – but at the end of the day, you know its just in the game – if you are in my team or otherwise – my passion runs all the same – off of the pitch – we are all cool – so for those of you who have been mature enuf to handle it – thanks for your patience – the others – well that’s just the way it is with me –

    Jiv, for the life of me – this is the second time I am playing in your team and its as one sided as can be – can you please in future ensure the team is a lot more balanced – ignore Tom, he has no scruples – but I expect better from you – all of us were probably performing at 120% last Monday and still struggled against Tom’s team – who at best were in 3rd gear until we scored more late on –

    Anyway I hope to see as many of you as possible next Monday, we can meet on Tuesday for drinks for those who don’t have stomach for another robust game on Monday – it will certainly be my pleasure to be able to play with you lot one more time –

    Yes – Teik and myself should be in – my knees are killing me – but regardless I will be there – Heath mentioned he should be back too –

    Hoe whatever happened to you?

  1. Sun 11 January 2009 at 10:27 pm
  2. Sun 1 February 2009 at 10:20 am

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