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The Bukit Timah courts are not available for a few weeks.

Dennis and Teik are both not available today. I had something on next Monday night (10/12) but I have been able to switch it to tonight, so I’m not available tonight either (but I will be next week).

We’ve been looking at alternative places to play, at least while the Bukit Timah courts are unavailable.

There are several street soccer and futsal courts run by Town Councils. However, you have to be residing in a HDB estate within the Town Council area to reserve the court. Turning up without booking carries the risk of finding the court being used by residents. Anyone know of any suitable court, and if so, know of anyone living in a HDB estate within the Town Council area who can book for us?

A list of Town Councils can be found here: http://app.sgdi.gov.sg/listing_others.asp?t_category=TOWN_COUNCIL

I know the Town Council court in Bedok is pretty good. The location is not too bad (see attached map, next to the multi-storey carpark at Block 30A).

The alternative is to book at Futsal @ East Coast. It’s much better than the Cage, newer surfaces, and much better ventilation. However, it is S$80 per hour (still less than S$90 per hour at the Cage), and we will need to book well in advance, so if we’re going to play there regularly, we’ll need to organise our money pool more formally. The Town Council option is much cheaper – I believe the Town Council courts are FREE. Let me know if you know of any suitable courts in ANY Town Council area.

Another alternative is finding a field somewhere, but do we have a preference for hard court?

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